DEAD POP FESTIVAL is an outdoor summer event that runs for a long time. Please take care of your health with breaks and stay hydrated. Adhere to the following guidelines and enjoy a wonderful two-day experience with us! Your cooperation is appreciated.

This festival has no designated areas for standing or reserved areas, so areas in front of the stages may see higher densities of attendees. Be mindful of possible accidental contact with other attendees and participate with caution.

Guests with children, those who are pregnant, or those concerned about their health or stamina should consider viewing from the back area or purchasing the Safety Zone tickets to enjoy the performances.

Moshing and diving are strictly prohibited as they can cause injury to the other attendees.

Please note and follow the guidelines below when attending the event.

Event Information

  • This festival will be held rain or shine, except in case of severe weather like a typhoon. In such cases, information regarding ticket refunds will be announced on the official website. No refunds will be provided if the event is canceled partway through.
  • The event is scheduled to end around 8:30 PM, but this may vary depending on the actual progress of the show.
  • The may be cases where performers change or cancel their performance without notice. Please note that no refunds will be made due to such changes.
  • If you require a wheelchair or need to bring a guide/service dog, please purchase a ticket and notify us through the inquiry form.

Ticket and Wristband Policy

  • This festival only sells e-tickets.
  • Anyone of elementary school age or above is required to have a ticket. Preschool children enjoy free admission only if accompanied by a parent/guardian. Unaccompanied preschool children are not allowed entry.
  • You can exchange your ticket for a wristband at the wristband exchange booth. Wristbands must be worn securely, cannot be slipped on and off, and must be kept on for the entire festival. Two-day ticket holders must keep the wristband on both days.
  • Tickets and wristbands can only be exchanged by the ticket holder. Even if one person brings multiple tickets, exchanges will not be made.
  • A single ticket cannot be used by more than one person. Please note that unauthorized use of tickets or wristbands will result in expulsion or denial of entry.
  • Reselling or transferring tickets is strictly prohibited. We are not responsible for issues arising from tickets purchased through unauthorized channels such as online auctions, scalpers, or discount ticket shops.
  • Lost tickets (wristbands) will not be reissued under any circumstances. Do NOT remove a wristband in any way until the end of the festival, between days, or your wristband will be invalid.
  • All ticket sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges for any reason. Please carefully check the event date and number of tickets before placing an order.


  • Excessive drinking outside the venue and bringing in alcoholic beverages from outside are prohibited.
  • To purchase alcoholic beverages at the venue, you must get an age verification wristband at the ID check station. *Eligible photo IDs:
    Driver's license, student ID, passport, My Number Card, photo-equipped Resident Card, Foreign Resident Registration Card, etc.

Getting to the Venue

  • Personal vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, or walking are not permitted means of access to the venue. Please use the free shuttle bus for transportation to the venue. The parking lots associated with the venue are not available.

Entry and Re-entry

  • Ticket exchange for wristbands and venue entry start at 9:00 AM on both days (June 29 and 30).
  • Overnight stays or camping out from the previous day are prohibited as they disturb the nearby residents. Be sure you get enough rest to enjoy DEAD POP FESTiVAL.
  • Re-entry is permitted by showing your wristband. If you cut or remove the wristband, re-entry will not be permitted. Transferring or reselling wristbands is strictly prohibited.
  • At the end of the first day (June 29), all attendees, including those with two-day tickets, must leave the venue. Please make sure to take all your belongings with you, as any items left in the venue will be cleared out, and then re-enter on June 30.
  • For safety reasons, the exits after the event will be regulated by event staff. It may take some time to leave the venue, so please be patient and follow the staff's instructions. Thank you for your cooperation.

Clothing and Health

  • This is an outdoor summer event that runs for long hours. Please take care of your health with breaks and stay hydrated.
  • In case of rain, please use rainwear. The use of umbrellas is not allowed.
  • Even if it’s warm during the day, it can get cold at night. Please bring clothing suitable for all weather, such as a jacket or hoodie.
  • Wear comfortable sneakers to avoid injuries. Heels, sandals, and flip-flops are discouraged as they may cause injuries and trouble others.

Prohibited Acts

Moshing and stage diving

    Moshing and stage diving are strictly prohibited as they may cause injury to other attendees. If you engage in these dangerous activities or sustain injuries due to your own actions, first aid will be provided, but organizers, the venue, and performers are not liable for any further consequences. Any accidents or injuries caused by third parties must be resolved between the involved parties. Those who refuse to follow the instructions of festival staff will be forcibly removed from the festival.

Filming and Recording Policy
  • You’re welcome to bring cameras and recording devices, but filming or recording artist performances is strictly prohibited. Violating this policy will result in the confiscation of tape, film, data, and possibly the device, along with expulsion from the event without a ticket refund. Unauthorized photography, recording, or transmission of performances using cell phones or other devices is strictly prohibited, as it infringes on the rights of the artists.
  • The use of party poppers, confetti, or items that produce litter is prohibited. Help keep the venue clean. Throwing streamers or bottles onto the stage is dangerous and strictly prohibited.
  • Using fans in the standing area is dangerous and prohibited.
  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas. Help keep the venue clean by using these areas.
  • Overnight camping outside or inside the venue is strictly prohibited.

Prohibited Items

  • Prohibited items include alcoholic beverages, bottles/cans, fireworks, hazardous materials, umbrellas and parasols, pets (except guide dogs/service dogs), tents/tarps, and any items prohibited by law. If any of these items are found, staff may confiscate them. Thank you for your understanding.


  • A temporary cloakroom (paid) will be available inside the venue. It will be operated on a first-come, first-served basis. Details will be announced closer to the event.


  • Please note that the organizers are not responsible for any accidents, theft, or injuries that occur inside the venue. First aid and assistance will be provided.
  • Please sort your trash and bring it to the waste station or take it to your home with you.
  • Any person who does not follow the event staff or is disturbing other attendees inside or outside the venue will be forcibly ejected from the venue. In such cases, tickets will not be refunded.
  • At DEAD POP FESTiVAL, photos and videos of the venue, including the audience, may be taken and published. By attending, you consent to being filmed and photographed.
  • Open flame devices are prohibited in Higashi-Ogishima Higashi Park, which is adjacent to the sea. Please be cautious.
  • Higashi-Ogishima Higashi Park features other facilities in addition to the concert event space, including BBQ areas, dog runs, and an artificial beach. Many general visitors and festival attendees will also be using the park. Please follow the park rules and be considerate to avoid disturbing others. Please do not damage any plants, trees, or facilities.
  • If an earthquake or any other national disaster is detected, attendants will direct you to a safe place. To avoid confusion, please follow staff instructions to evacuate safely.
  • Higashi Ogishima Higashi Park is a disaster prevention base for the Tokyo metropolitan area. During a disaster, the park serves an important role under government control, acting as a reception area for overseas relief supplies and staff, as a relay point for emergency relief supplies, and as a base camp for operational staff. We appreciate your understanding in advance.